Gecko Tattoo Designs

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Sample Gecko Tattoo

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Gecko tattoo designs are the most common lizards used in body art.  They are small to medium-sized lizards that are found around the world in warm climates.  There are around 2,000 gecko species and what makes them more interesting than other types of lizards are the unique, social chirping sounds that they will make with other geckos.

The History of Gecko Tattoo Designs

The history of gecko tattoo designs can be accredited to the Polynesian islands including Samoa, Easter island, Tonga, Cook islands, Tahiti, French Polynesia and of course, Hawaii.  The Polynesians believe that the gecko has supernatural powers so it is as much admired as it is feared.  Myth says that if a green gecko happens to laugh in your direction it is a sign of bad fortune and illness.  The gecko has the ability to lose its tail to escape away from danger so it also represents self-protection and the principles of letting go.

The Polynesian islands were discovered in 1500 but it wasn’t for a few more centuries that they started really receiving a lot of attention.  Even the simple word of “tattoo” is believed to have derived from this area.  There are basically two types of tattoos from these tribes being either Enata or Etua.  Enata would be a natural type of design that would symbolize your life, work, social level, island of origin, etc.

Etua is the second form of tattoo design that have a stronger spiritual or magical representation.  Specific symbols show honor to certain tribes and can even offer protection from some gods.  The most popular symbolic tattoo designs throughout Polynesian history have been the gecko, turtle, dolphin and shark.

Gecko tattoo designs continue to be a popular choice today.  Although many people choose to have them created in bright vibrant colors, there are those that still favor the whimsical abstract shapes done in bold black ink.  Despite the fact that foreigners and missionaries attempted to abolish the rich cultural tradition of tattooing, Polynesian tattoo designs have managed to have a rebirth in popularity today.

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Types Of Gecko Tattoo Designs

The traditional green gecko is the most popular chosen tattoo design, occasionally portrayed with spot on its body.  Due to its large dark eyes, it is often created to be cartoon-like and even in many other colors.  Leopard geckos are also common choices and have a much more colorful and pronounced pattern while the Crested gecko is loved for its golden hue that it offers.

Gecko tattoo designs are almost always in their natural crawling position, climbing up an arm, leg, back or chest or they may be twisted into a crescent moon shape.  Often they are even depicted on a flower or stem, molding into the color.

Sometimes people choose their gecko tattoo to appear lighthearted and placed in fun settings like on the beach, surfboard or wearing sunglasses.  These symbolical little creatures can be designed to be as unique as the wearer and are the perfect addition to a larger tattoo or ideal for a discreet tattoo.  Gecko tattoo designs are very versatile and adaptable just like the creature itself.

Celebrities With Gecko Tattoo Designs

  • Elisabetta Canalis – Italian model wears a gecko on her right foot.
  • Aurelie Claudel – French model displays her gecko on her lower back.
  • Kimberly Wyatt – Pussycat Dolls member hides her gecko right below her bikini line.
  • David Bowie – Singer has a gecko on his ankle.
  • Nicholas Cage – Actors shows off a gecko wearing a top hat on his back.
  • Joe Elliot – Def Leppard singer has a gecko on his left arm.
  • Alex O’Loughlin – Actor wears a gecko on the right side of his chest.
  • Alissa York – Author displays a gecko on her left arm.

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