Spider Tattoo Designs

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Sample Spider Tattoo

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It takes a very unique individual to wear spider tattoo designs.  There are few people that have not been fascinated by a web at some point, regardless if the spider is feared or not.  Spiders are found everywhere on the planet and find themselves in many stories in almost every culture.  Spider tattoo designs often represent being cunning and creative and if they are trailing down on one string they are meant to be good luck and of course, due to their precise construction of their perfect webs, they are a symbol of craftiness.

History And Symbolism Of Spider Tattoo Designs

Ancient Greece tells a story of Arachne, a beautiful young maiden who Athena became very jealous of because she was such a brilliant weaver.  Legend says that Athena made the young maiden’s life miserable so she died but Athena felt great remorse over the ordeal so she brought Arachne back to life as a spider so that she could spend her life weaving beautiful webs since she enjoyed weaving so much.  This story gives spider tattoo designs a representation of rebirth and reincarnation.

Native American legends tell a story of a Spider Woman that was alive long before any humans so it was her that taught people how to weave.  The spider represented a symbol of harmony, balance and fertility and is often personified as a protector of wisdom or a teacher. Native American clay carvings often offered a spider with a cross on its back which you will sometimes see in spider tattoo designs.  This symbolizes the Earth’s center and north, east, south and west.

Dwellers of Scotland tell their own tale of the spider and Robert the King that went to stay in a cave after he was defeated by the English.  Since he knew that he could not  possibly recover his kingdom, he was ready to just give up and escape.  As he sat there depressed and plotting his move, he watched a spider attempting to spin a web, although it kept falling over, it never gave up so he was inspired to keep fighting.  This offers the symbolism of a fighter that works hard for what he or she wants.

Spider tattoo designs are also a representation that sometimes books are judged by their cover.  The gigantic tarantula who is the largest in the spider family and one of the most feared, is actually relatively good-natured and will rarely bite unless it is provoked.  Then, there is the very tiny Black Widow or Australia’s Brown spider who are both so much smaller in comparison and less frightening in appearance, yet they are the most deadly and nasty.

Also, in prison and gangs, spider tattoo designs have always been quite popular as they are a representation of doing time and sometimes even offer a symbol of the length of their sentence and the seriousness of their crime.

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Spiderweb Tattoo Designs

Although spinning a spiderweb may be an art and different spider tattoo designs hold different meanings the web generally signifies struggle and conflict.  The symbolism dates back to the white supremacy group or the time of Aryan when individuals wore web tattoo designs as a racism symbol.  Traditionally, these were worn  on the elbow, behind the ear, on the neck or back.  Today however, if you wear a spiderweb on your left elbow it does not represent racism but rather is a warning that you are armed, dangerous and enemies should keep their distance.

A spider web tattoo between your index finger and thumb signifies prison however, if you are wearing just a spider it symbolizes freedom.  This is why many prisoners will get a web on one hand while they are locked up and then get a spider on the other hand after they get out and are free.

Types Of Spider Tattoo Designs

Black Widow – This feisty little spider is the most common spider tattoo.  It is most often placed on the neck and created with a three-dimensional style.

Spider And Web – The spider and web combination can be used with any type of spider and done in color or black.  The spider may be placed on the web or crawling toward it.  This is another popular neck tattoo but is also often seen on the shoulder, back or leg.

Tarantula – These massive spiders are almost always created in color and on a body part that offers enough room that the tattoo can be large enough for great detail.  The forearm, shoulder and calve are all popular locations

Spiderwebs – The spiderweb alone is one of the most popular types of spider tattoo designs. They are usually created in black or red and placed on the elbow, shoulder, neck or between the thumb and index finger.

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Celebrities With Spider Tattoo Designs

  • Tim Armstrong – Musician wears a spiderweb on his left elbow and a spider on his neck.
  • Charli Baltimore – Musician has a spider on her back.
  • Cold – All band members display spider tattoo designs on their bodies.
  • Dr Dre – Rapper has a spider with flames on one hand a web with flames on the other hand.
  • Sean O’Haire – Wrestler shows off his black and red spiders on the insides of his arms.
  • Coral Smith – Actress has a spider tattoo on the top of her foot.
  • Eve – Rapper displays a Black Widow spider on her arm.

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